About Us
Our Event Management skill takes the stress off you as we come up with creative techniques in the planning and execution of your event.

 A smooth and value laden event always needs a professional touch and you are in good hands because for us every event has its unique purpose and always with a goal to be achieved. We  work with the knowledge that most organisations are brand conscious thus it is important that we develop the right theme that will communicate and promote the brand. We are confident in our ability to create the right theme and reflect the theme in other aspects of the event to meet and exceed our clients expectations. Every detail of your event, we identify and addresss, from the the right concept to the right venue, ambience, sound, caterers, entertainment, security, hostesses, photography, souveniers etc... no detail is left out. Its all about taking the stress off you.

Give us your brief and leave the rest to us...
We offer Hospitality services which include –Guest pick up,  hotel reservation (check in & check out ), Souveniers  and Guest tour with escorts. We treat our Guest with utmost courtesy, ensuring that they get all the comfort and generosity required.

Through our Media platform, we offer PR relations – Pre & Post event leveraging for interested clients.
Specialized Kiddies Events- For us it’s not all about filling your space with bouncers, but giving your child’s party the color, vibrancy and adventure it deserves. We organize most memorable themed parties, fun days, graduations and beautiful concerts taking the children to the next level and giving them fun memories.

Operational Guidelines
We follow these standard procedures in planning events.  Secure an Event Brief and apply the following steps:

Step 1 - Concept origination

We begin with developing a concept for the event (using a  theme). This is useful to convey a message and for Invites & News Paper Print

Step 2 - Events planning

Then we leverage the theme to create the event experience  (Ambience, Décor, Props, Hostesses, Food, Entertainment etc)  

Step 3 - PR leveraging

We then post leverage the event activity to sustain buzz in the  mass media

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